Top 50 Senior High Schools in Ghana

Top 50 Senior High Schools in Ghana

There is a great future for Ghana’s future education, especially after the last presidential announcement that was made in September 2017 about the free admission of Ghanaian students to senior high schools in Ghana. The Ghanaian president Nana Akufo-Addo has launched the free high school education program calling it an important investment for the nation’s future workforce. A lot of parents and students had an enthusiastic response to the president’s decision, as they rushed to public schools for registration procedures before classes were opened for students. Check the list below of the top 50 senior high schools in Ghana.

Top 50 Senior High Schools in Ghana

Future Results of Free Admission to Senior High Schools in Ghana

There is no doubt that such a great decision is going to affect the country’s future, as many Ghanaian students will start getting a proper education in the best senior high schools in Ghana. As a result, many problems in the Ghanaian society are going to disappear. For example, statistics have proven that a big percentage of women who suffer from domestic violence in Ghana are married to uneducated men. Proper education will definitely spread cultural awareness in Ghana making it one of the most developed countries in Africa.

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Statistics have also proven that many Ghanaian men drink a lot of alcohol, especially in the urban areas. Alcohol has proven to have many dangerous effects on people who drink it and on the people surrounding them, as drunk people usually tend to be more aggressive towards members of their families. Education will definitely contribute to the overall wellbeing of Ghanaian men, as it will give them a chance to become more aware of the dangerous effects of alcohol overuse.

senior high schools in ghana and their categories

Best Senior High Schools in Ghana

One of the best senior high schools in Ghana is Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, which is located in Greater Accra, as the average pass rate if its students is 88.22%. Another great school is the Opoku Ware Senior High School, which is located in the Ashanti Region. Its students averaged a 92.52% pass rate, which was a big surprise to its main competition Prempeh College. St. Peter's Senior High School is the top school on our list, and it is located in the eastern region, and it has proven to be the best school in the eastern region, as it has achieved an average pass rate of 87.45%. We all hope that such schools would be a leading example for all Ghanaian schools so that the dreams of many Ghanaian students would come true.

Free Senior High School in Ghana- Facts you should know

It is also very important that people who live in urban areas may find schools in which they can enroll without having to change their locations. Now, many Ghanaian students can start dreaming about a better future for themselves, as they can have free high school education, which will enable them later on to enroll in many reputable Ghanaian universities. Below is the list of the first class senior high schools in Ghana.

first class senior high schools in ghana

List of Senior High Schools in Ghana and Their Categories

Senior high schools in Ghana are usually ranked according to the WASSCE exam results of their students. Many Ghanaian high schools have improved over the last few years giving students a chance to work on themselves and to hope for a better a future. Here is the list of senior high schools in Ghana and their categories:

  1. St.Peter's SHS
  2. Prempeh College
  3. Wesley Girls' High School
  4. Adisadel College
  5. St Augustine's College
  6. Aburi Girls' SHS
  7. Kibi Secondary Technical School
  8. Presbyterian Boys' SHS,Legon
  9. Archbishop Porter Girls' SHS
  10. 1Oyoko methodist SHS
  11. Opoku Ware School
  12. Keta SHS
  13. Sunyani SHS
  14. Mfantsipim School
  15. Wesley Grammar School
  16. Holy Child School
  17. Notre Dame Minor Seminary, Navrongo
  18. St.James minor Seminary
  19. Aggrey Memorial AME Zion SHS
  20. Ghana National College
  21. Ofori Panin SHS
  22. St.Louis SHS
  23. Achimota School
  24. Accra Academy
  25. St.Francis Xavier Minor Seminary
  26. Amankesim School
  27. Tema SHS
  28. St. Rose's SHS
  29. Yaa Asantewaa Girls' SHS
  30. Chemu SHS
  31. Ghana SHS,Tamale
  32. West Africa snr. High school
  33. St. Monica’s SHS
  34. Mawuli School
  35. Koforidua Secondary Technical School
  36. T.I.Ahmadiyyha SHS,Kumasi
  37. Ola Girls' SHS
  38. Kpando SHS
  39. St. Mary's SHS
  40. Accra High School
  41. Tamale SHS
  42. Kumasi Academy
  43. St. John SHS
  44. Anglican SHS
  45. Pope John Shs
  46. Wa SHS
  47. St. Thomas Aquinas Boys' SHS
  48. Kumasi High School
  49. Bolgatanga SHS
  50. Okuapeman SHS
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